Current issues in industrial economic strategy


Current issues in industrial economic strategy

edited by Keith Cowling and Roger Sugden

Manchester University Press , Distributed exclusiveley in the USA and Canada by St. Martin's Press, c1992

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This book, based on papers presented at a workshop, focuses on the prominent issues facing industrial economists now and in the future. The papers cover theoretical foundations, production processes, case histories from the Third World, and issues with relevance for Eastern Europe.


  • Part 1 Theoretical foundations: on the theory of industrial policy, Malcolm Sawyer
  • the foundations of industrial policy, Michael Dietrich
  • some comments on the competitive strategy aspects of industrial policy, Hans Schenk
  • to create competition without regulation - a mixed oligopoloy with endogenous cost differences, Johan Willner. Part 2 Production: a production orientated industrial policy - the case of Jamaica, Michael Best
  • what Henry did, or the relevance of Highland Park, Karel Williams et al
  • just-in-time and the costs of complexity, Dan Coffey. Part 3 The Third World: industrial policy for the Third World in the 1990s - alternative perspectives, Ajit Singh. Part 4 Japanese, North American and West European experiences: the work of MITI, Gentaro Matsumoto
  • experience in Canada, the US, Britain, Finland, Germany and Italy, Ken Stollery et al. Part 5 The European Community: industrial strategy and structural policies, Patrizio Bianchi
  • a critical assessment of the 1992 project agenda for industrial policy, Harvie Ramsay
  • a competitive strategy for Europe, Christos Pitelis. Part 6 Eastern Europe: privatization in small European Soviet-type economies - options, strategies and consequences for industrial structure, Ivo Bicanic
  • the transition process in Eastern Europe - some lessons from Germany, Horst Tomann.

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