Periglacial geomorphology : proceedings of the 22nd Annual Binghamton Symposium in Geomorphology


Periglacial geomorphology : proceedings of the 22nd Annual Binghamton Symposium in Geomorphology

edited by John C. Dixon and Athol D. Abrahams

(The Binghamton Symposia Geomorphology, international series, no. 22)

Wiley, c1992

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This text contains the proceedings of the 22nd Annual Geomorphology Symposium, the primary aim of which was to highlight the considerable quantity and diversity of periglacial research being undertaken in Arctic and alpine environments by Canadian and American geomorphologists. Global climatic and accompanying environmental change represents a contemporary focus of research in the natural sciences. The periglacial environment is one of the regions of the world where such changes will undoubtedly have their greatest impact. The papers contained in this volume explore a variety of contemporary geomorphic processes and begin to examine some of the potential impacts of global change on the nature and extent of permafrost and seasonal ice phenomena. The papers presented here demonstrate continued progress in the understanding of periglacial processes in both alpine and Arctic environments and it is hoped that they will serve as stimulus for further research in cold climate geomorphology in North America, promoting new perspectives on, and new techniques within, the discipline.


  • Periglacial geomorphology - what? where? when?, C.E. Thorn
  • origin of certain high-elevation local broad uplands in the Central Appalachians south of the glacial border, U.S.A. - a paleoperiglacial hypothesis, G. Michael Clark and James Hedges
  • spatial patterns of geochemical denudation in a Colorado alpine environment, Nel Caine
  • the zonation of freeze-thaw temperatures at a glacier headwall, Dome Glacier, Canadian Rockies, James S. Gardner
  • mechanical weathering in the Antarctic - a maritime perspective, Kevin J. Hall
  • miniature sorted stripes in the Paramo de Piedras Blancas (Venezuelan Andes), Francisco L. Perez
  • a model of water movement in rock glaciers and associated water characteristics, John R. Giardino et al
  • snow-avalanche paths - conduits from the periglacial-alpine to the subalpine-depositional zone, David R. Butler et al
  • long-term rates of contemporary solifluction in the Canadian Rocky mountains, D.J. Smith
  • factors influencing the distribution and initiation of active-layer detachment slides on Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada, Antoni G. Lewkowicz
  • buoyancy forces induced by freeze-thaw in the active layer - implications for diapirism and soil circulation, Bernard Hallet and Edwin D. Waddington
  • palsa-scale frost mounds, Frederick E. Nelson et al
  • recent ground warming inferred from tempterature in permafrost near Mayo, Yukon territory, C.R. Burn.

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