The nonprofit sector in the global community : voices from many nations


The nonprofit sector in the global community : voices from many nations

Kathleen D. McCarthy, Virginia A. Hodgkinson, Russy D. Sumariwalla, and associates

(Jossey-Bass nonprofit sector series)

Jossey-Bass, c1992

1st ed

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



Advances in communication technology and the push for democracy by peoples everywhere have created a new, worldwide arena for human activity - in business, government, and politics, and in the voluntary sector as well. The authors describe and analyze the functions and significance of nongovernmental organizations, philanthropy, and volunteerism in modern developed democracies, Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, and developing countries worldwide.


PrefaceContirbutors 1. The Voluntary Sector in International Perspective: An Overview Part One: Global Comparisons 2. Tax Policy Toward Nonprofit Organizations: A Ten-Country Survey 3. Public Versus Private Provision of Social Services: Is There an Efficiency-Equity Tradeoff? 4. Local Governments and the IndepAndent Sector in the Third World 5. Privatization in the Personal Social Services in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Italy 6. U.S. Corporate Philanthropy in South Africa, 1977-1989: The Impact of the Sullivan Signatories and Their Projects 7. Private Philanthropy as a Necessity in Our InterdepAndent World: A Japanese Perspective Part Two: Modern Developed Democracies 8. The Voluntary Sector in Britian, 1975-1989: A Statistical Overview 9. The Role of Nonprofit Organizations in a Divided Society: The Case of Northern Ireland 10. Changing Relationshops Between Private Nonprofit Organizations and Government in the Netherlands 11. Government=Nonprofit Relationships in a Comparative Perspective: The Cases of Franxe and Germany 12. The Mission, Purposes, and Functions of Nonprofit Organizations in France 13. The Ties that Bind: The Nonprofit Sector and the State in Sweden 14. Government and the Nonprofit Sector in Australia 15. Changing Conepts of Voluntarism in Japan 16. The Role of Nonprofit Organizations Within the Ultra-Orthodox Community in Israel Part Three: Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union 17. The Revival of the Nonprofit Sector in Hungary 18. The IndepAndent Sector in Poland: Past and Present 19. The Emerging Nonprofit Sector in Bulgaria: Its Historical Dimensions 20. The IndepAndent Sector in the USSR: Formation. Purposes, and Effects 21. Philanthropy and Charity i the Soviet Union Part Four: Developing Countries Worldwide 22. Democracy and Development: The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations in Argentina, Chile, and Uraguay.

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