Feline behavior : a guide for veterinarians


Feline behavior : a guide for veterinarians

Bonnie V. Beaver

W.B. Saunders, c1992

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One-of-a-kind text takes a comprehensive look at all aspects of feline behaviour - from the history that shaped the original behaviour to its changing roles for humans. Written by a veterinarian for veterinarians, this book gives readers a wealth of information on recent findings on cat behaviour, today's treatment options, plus ways veterinarians can deal with feline behaviour problems ...pertinent information rarely found in a single source. Dozens of case studies document treatment strategies for specific behaviour problems.


  • Introduction to feline behaviour: history of feline development
  • current status of the field
  • introduction to evaluating behaviour problems. Part 1 Feline behaviour of sensory and neural origin: the senses
  • feline play behaviour
  • feline learning
  • neurological origins of behaviour
  • sensory and neural behaviour problems. Part 2 Feline communicative behaviour: vocal communication
  • postural communication
  • marking communication
  • communicative behaviour problems. Part 3 Feline social behaviour: social organization
  • socialization
  • aggression
  • social behaviour problems. Part 4 Male feline sexual behaviour: sexual maturation
  • premating behaviour
  • mating behaviour
  • postmating behaviour
  • paternal behaviour
  • neural regulation
  • male sexual behaviour problems. Part 5 Female feline sexual behaviour: sexual maturation
  • reproductive cycles
  • interspecies mating
  • pregnancy
  • maternal behaviour
  • neurological and hormonal controls
  • female sexual behaviour problems. Part 6 Feline ingestive behaviour: suckling ingestive behaviour
  • transitional ingestive behaviour
  • hunting behaviour
  • food preferences
  • water consumption
  • neural and hormonal regulation
  • ingestive behaviour problems. Part 7 Feline eliminative behaviour: eliminative behaviour development
  • adult urination
  • adult deefecation
  • eliminative behaviour problems. Part 8 Feline locomotive behaviour: fetal growth and movements
  • infant growth and movements
  • adult movements
  • resting behaviours
  • the train and locomotion
  • locomotive behaviour problems. Part 9 Feline grooming behaviour: grooming functions
  • grooming patterns
  • neuroendocrine and grooming relationships
  • grooming behaviour problems. Appendices: phonetics of feline vocalization
  • sensory response development
  • motor response development
  • miscellaneous response development.

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