The economic surplus in advanced economies


The economic surplus in advanced economies

edited by John B. Davis

(New directions in modern economics series)

E. Elgar, 1992

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The theory of monopoly capital is central to any satisfactory analysis of accumulation and stagnation in advanced capitalist economies. This major new book presents in one volume recent discussions of monopoly capitalism to emphasize the centrality and vitality of this tradition in modern political economy. Following the work of Kalecki, Steindl and Baran and Sweezy, a number of leading economists address key issues such as the calculation of the economic surplus, the division of income between labour and capital, oligopoly collusion over output and pricing, the growth of unproductive activity, the degree of monopoly, surplus absorption and stagnation and the history of the present crisis.


Contents: 1. The Monopoly Capital Approach to the Concept of the Economic Surplus (J.B. Davis) 2. Monopoly Capital After 25 Years (P.M. Sweezy) 3. Estimating the Economic Surplus (J.D. Phillips) 4. The Tendency of the Surplus to Rise, 1963-1988 (M. Dawson and J.B. Foster) 5. Re-evaluating the Concept of the Surplus (V.D. Lippit) 6. Stagnation, Growth and Unproductive Activity (A.K. Dutt) 7. In What Sense Does Monopoly Capital Require Monopoly? An Essay on the Contribution of Kalecki and Steindl (T. Mott) 8. The Fund for Social Change (J.R. Stanfield) 9. Economic Surplus and the Market System (L. Fishman) 10. Industrial Integration, East and West: Planning the Market Economy (K. Cowling)

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