Aspergillus : biology and industrial applications



Aspergillus : biology and industrial applications

edited by J.W. Bennett, M.A. Klich

(Biotechnology series, 23)

Butterworth-Heinemann, c1992

  • alk. paper

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This book presents a comprehensive description of the physiology, biochemistry, genetics and industrial applications of the genus Aspergillus. It includes a compilation of data on the identification and classification, laboratory and industrial growth conditions and culture collections followed by specialized sections on pathogenesis, molecular biology, biotechnological applictions and ecology. Because of their physiological versatility, Aspergilli are some of the most widely distributed and abundant of living things. Many species have negative economic impact as agents of disease, decay and toxin production. Others have been harnessed for human benefit in food fermentations, industrial processes, and as model systems for genetic studies. Examples of medically and industrially important species include: A. flavus (aflatoxin production); A. fumigatus (etiological agent in aspergillosis); A. nidulans (model system for genetic studies); A. niger (citric acid production); A. oryzae (saki and soy sauce production). "Aspergillus: Biology and Industrial Applications" will present a comprehensive description of the physiology, biochemistry, genetics, and industrial application of the genus.


  • Sexual and parasexual genetics of Aspergillus species
  • early developmental events during asexual and sexual sporulation in Aspergillus nidulans
  • control of gene expression in the catabolic pathways of Aspergillus nidulans
  • protein synthesis in Aspergillus nidulans
  • industrial acids and other small molecules
  • new developments in fermented beverages and food with Aspergillus
  • industrial enzymes from Aspergillus species
  • expression of foreign proteins in the genus Aspergillus
  • mycotoxins - molecular strategies for control
  • mycoses and mycotoxicoses of animals caused by Aspergilli
  • human pathogenesis
  • United States government regulations affecting Aspergilli and their products
  • patent protection for Aspergillus-related inventions
  • culture collections
  • sources and management of Aspergillus cultures for biotechnology
  • ecology of the Aspergilli of soils and litter
  • current taxonomic schemes of the genus Aspergillus and its teleomorphs. Appendices: molecular biology supplies
  • selected media used for Aspergilli.

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