Managing networks in international business


Managing networks in international business

edited by Mats Forsgren and Jan Johanson

(International studies in global change, v. 2)

Gordon and Breach, c1992

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 233-245) and indexes



The book introduces a unique and innovative perspective for the study of international business networking. In contrast to the standard construction of models for optimal strategic decision-making, the essays in this book emphasise interpretation, learning by doing, trust and co-operation in the international business community. The editors focus upon business relationships within and between firms as well as the importance of middle management in the international arena.


  • Managing internationalization in business networks, Mats Forsgren and Jan Johanson. Part 1 Understanding the nature of international business relationships: managing in international multi-centre firms, Mats Forsgren and Jan Johanson
  • international co-operative relationshps in technological development, Hakan Hakansson and Barbara Henders
  • the cultural influence on international business relationships, Madelene Sandstrom
  • managing international licensing relationships, Carl G. Thunman. Part 2 Understanding the nature of networks in international business: infrastructural networks international business, Lars Hallen
  • managing by international travelling, Bjorn Axelsson, et al
  • developing countertrade networks, Hedvig Brorsson
  • experiential network
  • experiential network knowledge in international consultancy, D. Deo Sharma
  • managing international package deal projects, Amjad Hadjikani. Part 3 Understanding network change processes in international business: managing ownership internationalization, Henrik Didner
  • barriers in international banking networks, Lars Engwall
  • power balancing in an international business network, Mats forsgren and Ulf Olsson
  • entering a tightly structured network - strategic visions or network realities, Nils Kinch
  • taking a position in a structured business network, Nazeem Seyed-Mohamed and Maria Bolte.

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