Monopoly, competition and the law : the regulation of business activity in Britain, Europe and America


Monopoly, competition and the law : the regulation of business activity in Britain, Europe and America

Tim Frazer

Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1992

2nd ed

  • : pbk

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ISBN 9780745007274


Competition law and policy is taking its place among the mainstream subjects in degree courses in economics and law. This work explains the principles underlying the competition policies of the UK, EC and the US, and the way in which these are put into practice.


  • The policy of antitrust
  • monopoly policy
  • merger policy
  • the restraint of trade doctrine
  • restrictive trade practices
  • anticompetitive practices
  • the treatment of particular trading activities
  • extraterritoriality.

: pbk ISBN 9780745007281


This book describes and explains the practical application of competition policy through the law. It explains the principles underlyign the competition policies and the manner in which the principles are put into practice. This new edition incorporates recent changes in legislation and case law in the legal systems of the United Kingdom, the EEC and the USA.


  • Part 1 Introduction: The objectives of antitrust policy
  • competition and regulation
  • the meaning of "competition" in legal policy
  • antitrust policy and legal technique
  • the history and development of antitrust policy
  • firms and markets. Part 2 Restrictive trade practices: the nature of collusion
  • regulated practices
  • legal control and the public interest
  • horizontal collusion
  • vertical arrangements. Part 3 Monopoly: the monopoly problem
  • the objectives of monopoly policy
  • the definitions of monopoly
  • the process of assessment
  • monopoly practices and the public interest. Part 4 Mergers: varieties of merger transaction
  • the process of assessment
  • mergers and the public interest
  • the commercial and financial context. Part 4 Anti-competitive pracatices
  • anti-competitive practices and monopoly control
  • legal control
  • the problem of intellectual property rights. Part 6 Remedies. Part 7 Extra-territoriality.

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