The American Psychiatric Press textbook of neuropsychiatry


The American Psychiatric Press textbook of neuropsychiatry

edited by Stuart C. Yudofsky, Robert E. Hales

American Psychiatric Press, c1992

2nd ed


Textbook of neuropsychiatry

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This second edition contains a new section on the basic principles of neuroscience, new chapters on bedside neuropsychiatry, epidemiology and genetics, differential diagnosis, attention and consciousness, neuropsychiatry of schizophrenia, and family caregiving for the neuropsychiatrically ill.


  • Part 1 Basic principles of neuroscience: cell and molecular biology of the neuron
  • human electrophysiology - basic cellular mechanisms and control of wakefulness and sleep
  • functional neuroanatomy - neuropsychological correlates of cortical and subcortical damage. Part 2 Neuropsychiatric assessment: bedside neuropsychiatry - eliciting the clinical phenomena of neuropsychiatric illness
  • the neuropsychological evaluation
  • electrodiagnostic techniques in neuropsychiatry
  • brain imaging in neuropsychiatry
  • epidemiology and gentics of neruopsychiatric disorders. Part 3 Neuropsychiatric symptomatologies: differential diagnosis in neuropsychiatry
  • neuropsychiatric aspects of pain managment
  • neuropsychiatric aspects of attention and consciousness - stupor and coma
  • delirium
  • neuropsychiatric aspects of aphasia and related language impairments
  • practical pathophysiology in neuropsychiatry - a clinical approach to depression and impulsive behaviour in neurological patients
  • neuropsychiatric aspects of memory and amnesia. Part 4 Neuropsychiatric disorders: neuropsychiatric aspects of traumatic brain injury
  • neuropsychiatric aspects of seizure disorders
  • neuropsychiatric aspects of sleep
  • neuropsychiatric aspects of cerebral vascular disorders
  • neruopsychiatric aspects of brain tumors
  • effects of human immunodeficiency virus on the central nervous system
  • neruopsychiatric features of endocrine disorders
  • neruopsychiatric aspects of poisonous and toxic disorders
  • alcohol-induced organic mental disorders
  • neuropsychiatric aspects of degenerative dementias associated with motor dysfunction
  • neuropsychiatric aspects of Alzheimer's disease and other dementing illnesses
  • the neuropsychiatry of schizophrenia
  • neuropsychiatric disorders of childhood and adolescence. Part 5 Neuropsychiatric treatments: psychopharmocologic treatment in neuropsychiatry
  • psychotherapy of patients with neruopsychiatric disorders
  • cognitive rehabilitation and behaviour therapy of neuropsychiatric dosorders
  • family caregivers of persons with neuropsychiatric illness - a stress and coping perspective
  • ethical and legal issues in neuropsychiatry.

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