Encyclopedia of international commercial litigation


Encyclopedia of international commercial litigation

edited by Anthony Colman

Kluwer Law International, 1991-

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Description based on: v. 1, t.p., suppl. 1, 2003

Publisher: Graham & Trotman (1991- )

Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers (1991- )

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The rapid increase in recent years in transnational commercial litigation has made it even more necessary for lawyers in one country to understand how claims are litigated in the courts of other countries. Information on court procedure, the local legal profession and local judiciary has not been readily available without specialist advice from local lawyers, which may involve delay and will certainly involve expense. This looseleaf work provides an overview of commercial litigation procedure and those who judge and conduct it in the courts of the important commercial countries throughout the world. The 1994 Basic Work includes sections on Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China (PRC), Denmark, Egypt, England and Wales, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Korea, Kuwait, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the USA. Supplements in the course of 1994 update current material and introduce several new sections, including East European, Far Eastern and South American jurisdictions and new material on limitation. Each section gives a general account of the structure of the courts and their jurisdiction and of civil litigation procedures in each country concerned, as well as the local legal profession, its specialist areas and how it charges, and of the local judiciary. The section then traces in detail the procedural course through the courts of the country concerned of typical kinds of commercial litigation, such as claims for breach of sale of goods contracts, claims for damages under charter parties, claims relating to bank deposits, claims to enforce foreign judgements and arbitration awards and admiralty claims as well as claims for breach of copyright and trademarks. Because of the uniform subject matter of the different national sections it is a simple exercise to compare the procedure for the same type of claim in all the different jurisdictions covered. This work is not intended to replace the use of foreign lawyers in pursuing international commercial litigation. Its purpose is to provide helpful and practical background knowledge so that those giving legal advice can form a reasonably accurate view of what is entailed if their clients become involved in litigation abroad. The 1994 supplement service for current subscribers is also available: ISBN 1-85966-042-8, Dfl 510.00, BrP 165.00.

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