Caledonian structures in Britain : south of the Midland Valley



Caledonian structures in Britain : south of the Midland Valley

edited by J.E. Treagus ; GCR editor, W.A. Wimbledon

(The geological conservation review series, 3)

Chapman & Hall, 1992

1st ed

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"Joint Nature Conservation Committee."

Includes bibliographical references (p. 159-170) and index



This volume deals with those sites selected as part of the Geological Conservation Review (GCR) within the southern British part of the Caledonides, that is, the paratectonic Caledonides - a Caledonian terrane without strong and pervasive deformation and metamorphism, such as occurred further north. This orogenic belt formed by long and complex processes of earth movements between 500 and 380 million years before the present (?late Cambrian to mid-Devonian times), and has been classic ground for geologists for two hundred years. It is perhaps no accident that James Hutton in 1795 chose to illustrate his geostrophic cycle (and unconformity) with three visually explicit examples of the deformation wrought on Lower Palaeozoic rocks by Caledonian events. The former Caledonian mountain chain, which can be seen today in fragmented pieces in Scandinavia, Britain and Ireland, and North America, was ultimately the result of the collision of two continental plates and the closure of a former ocean, Iapetus. Some of these fragments, including those in Scandinavia, southern Britain, and the Republic of Ireland and the Maritime Provinces of Canada, are thought to have lain on the south side of the ocean before collision: the rest of North America, northern Ireland, and Scotland are thought to have lain north of the former Iapetus.


  • Preface. List of figures. List of tables. General preface to the Geological Conservation Review Series. Preface to the Caledonian structures. Caledonian structures. Introduction. The Caledonian Orogenic Belt. The British Caledonides. Scottish Highlands. Midland Valley. Southern Uplands. Lake District. Wales. Southern Uplands. Introduction - a structural perspective. Siccar Point - J E Treagus
  • John's Road and Agate Point - J E Treagus
  • Barlocco - J E Treagus
  • Cruggleton Bay North - J E Treagus
  • Isle of Whithorn Bay - J E Treagus
  • West Burrow Head - J E Treagus
  • Back Bay, Monreith - J E Treagus
  • Grennan Bay - J E Treagus
  • Lake District. Introduction. Background geology: a structural perspective. Buttermere village - F Moseley
  • Hassness and Goat Crags - B C Webb
  • Gasgale Crags and Whiteside - A H Cooper
  • River Caldew - D E Roberts
  • Raven Crags Mungrisdale - D E Roberts
  • Warnsdale Bottom, Buttermere - F Moseley
  • Hollows Farm - F Moseley
  • Limestone Haws to High Pike Haw, Coniston - F Moseley
  • Shap Fell - F Moseley
  • Jeffrey's Mount - F Mosely
  • Helwith Bridge - J E Treagus
  • Jumb Quarry - A Bell
  • Wales. Introduction. A structural perspective. Alexandra Quarry - R Scott
  • Trum y Ddysgl - R Scott
  • Cwm Idwal - W Fitches
  • Capel Curig - R Scott
  • Tan y Grisiau - R Scott
  • Ogof Gynfor - D Bates
  • Rhosneigr - R Scott
  • Cwm Rheidol - W Fitches
  • Allt Wen - W Fitches
  • North Clarach - W Fitches
  • Cormorant Rock - W Fitches
  • Ponterwyd Quarry - W Fitches
  • Traeth Penbryn - W Fitches
  • Ca'er-hafod Quarry, Llangollen - R Nicholson
  • Lligwy Bay - R Scott
  • Carmel Head - D Bates
  • Llanelwedd Quarry - N Woodcock
  • Dolyhir Quarries, Old Radnor - N Woodcock
  • References. Index

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