Town and country


Town and country

Mark Girourard

Yale University Press, 1992

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In this book, Mark Girouard tells how he became intrigued by architecture as a small boy. Combining anecdote and information about both buildings and their inhabitants, he writes of the places he has visited in town and country. Girouard provides an interpretation of the English origins of rococo art, he describes the formation of an English seaside resort, recreates the Georgian architecture and society of Jane Austen's world and traces changing attitudes towards landscape in architecture from 18th-century Britain to 20th-century America. Old Slaughter's Coffee-House in the mid-18th century; Holdenby, an Elizabethan great house build by a lord who was called by his contemporaries "a mere vegetable of the court that sprung up at night and sank again at...noon"; Belvedere, the 18th-century Irish country house that was witness to a tragic story of adultery and revenge; these are just a few of the buildings described by Girouard in these essays on architecture and society in bygone eras of England and Ireland.


  • Part 1 Something of myself. Part 2 The town: coffee at Slaughter's
  • politics in Stamford
  • an artist in Bridgwater
  • local government in Spitalfields
  • God and Mammon in Notting Hill
  • Pont Street Dutch in Chelsea
  • "What a Place is Whitby Grown"
  • a holiday by the sea at Cromer
  • pipe-dreams in Manchester. Part 3 Irish interlude: a country-house
  • Belvedere and the wicked earl
  • Miss Smith comes to Tipperary
  • comfort - or the lack of it - at Tullynally
  • the noblest quay in Europe. Part 4 Country house excursions: the Haynes Grange room - an essay in detection
  • Holdenby redivivus
  • the ghost of Elizabethan Chatsworth
  • country house pictures
  • the magic of Stowe
  • what is a villa?
  • the background of Fallingwater. Part 5 Jane Austen's world.

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