Atlas of endoscopic sinonasal surgery


Atlas of endoscopic sinonasal surgery

Dinesh Mehta

Lea & Febiger, 1993

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This book covers essential current aspects of endoscopic sinus surgery. The entire book is illustrated with colour pictures and quick reference text on the opposite page. Most of the illustrations are taken through the endoscope to illustrate the steps of surgery and to enhance the diagnostic skill. Important related topics like endoscopic anatomy, endoscopic diagnosis, endoscopic techniques of surgery and post-operative complications are illustrated in greater depth. Areas of expertise like endoscopic diagnosis of congenital anomalies and common pathology are meticulously described and made easy to recognize with endoscopic pictures. Chapters on the surgical endoscopic anatomy and the radiographic evaluation highlight the importance of recognizing the surgical landmarks at the critical sites in the nose. A chapter on the use of lasers in endoscopic surgery is also included.


  • Historic appraisal
  • equipment for endoscopy
  • surgical anatomy for the endoscopist
  • endoscopic diagnosis
  • radiographic evaluation
  • endoscopic surgery
  • postoperative care of endoscopic surgery
  • complications of endoscopic surgery
  • sinonasal mucociliary transport mechanism
  • lasers in sinonasal surgery.

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