Classification research for knowledge representation and organization : proceedings of the 5th International Study Conference on Classification Research, Toronto, Canada, June 24-28, 1991


Classification research for knowledge representation and organization : proceedings of the 5th International Study Conference on Classification Research, Toronto, Canada, June 24-28, 1991

edited by Nancy J. Williamson, Michèle Hudon

(FID publication, 698)

Elsevier, 1992

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This volume deals with both theoretical and empirical research in classification and encompasses universal classification systems, special classification systems, thesauri and the place of classification in a broad spectrum of document and information systems. Papers fall into one or three major areas as follows: 1) general principles and policies 2) structure and logic in classification; and empirical investigation; classification in the design of various types of document/information systems. The papers originate from the ISCCR '91 conference and have been selected according to the following criteria: relevance to the conference theme; importance of the topic in the representation and organization of knowledge; quality; and originality in terms of potential contribution to research and new knowledge.


Keynote Address. Classification: Prospects, Problems, and Possibilities (E. Svenonius). Plenary Sessions. Editing the Dewey Decimal Classification Online: The Evolution of the DDC Database and Editorial Support System (J. Beall). Toward a Theory of Fiction Analysis for Information Storage and Retrieval (C. Beghtol). Concept Relation Structures and their Graphic Display (T.C. Craven). Illusory Goals in Information Science Research (R. Fugmann). UDC: The 1990's and Beyond (A. Gilchrist). The Expression of Syntagmatic Relationships in Indexing: Are Frame-Based Index Languages the Answer? (R. Green). Use and Management of Classification Systems for Knowledge-Based Indexing (S.M. Humphrey). The Concept of the Universe of Knowledge and the Purpose of LIS Classification (F.L. Miksa). Methodology for Functional Appraisal of Records and Creation of a Functional Thesaurus (M. Scott, A.F. Fonseca). Contributed Papers. PRESS: a Thesaurus-Based Information System for Software Reuse (H. Albrechtsen). A Preliminary AAT Compatible African Art Thesaurus (B. Amaeshi). Structures of Indian Classification Systems of the Pre-Ranganathan Era and their Impact on the Colon Classification (A. Chatterjee). Indexing and Searching Thesauri: The Janus or Proteus of Information Retrieval (P.A. Cochrane). A General Versus a Special Algorithm in the Graphic Display of Thesauri (T.C. Craven). The Basis of a New Universal Classification System Seen from a Philosophy Point of Science Point of View (I. Dahlberg). Shelflisting Using Expert Systems (K. Markey Drabenstott, L.C. Riester, B.A. Dede). Thesaurus Requirements for an Intermediary Expert System (R. Fidel). Insights into Classification from the Cognitive Sciences: Ramifications for Index Languages (R. Green). Towards a Syndetic Information Retrieval System (E. de Grolier). The USMARC Format for Classification Data: Development and Implementation (R. Guenther). Factors Influencing Policies for the Adoption and Integration of Revisions to Classification Schedules (L.C. Howarth). Term Definitions in Subject Thesauri: the Canadian Literacy Thesaurus Experience (M. Hudon). Notational Techniques for the Accommodation of Subjects in Colon Classification 7th edition: Theoretical Possibility vis-a-vis Practical Need (S. Husain). The Exploration by Means of Repertory Grids of Semantic Differences among Names of Official Documents (B.H. Kwasnik, C. Jorgensen). Suggestions for Automating the Library of Congress Classification Schedules (M. Micco). An Essay on the Prehistory of General Categories (II): G.W. Leibniz, Conrad Gesner (J.M. Perreault). How Well do Thesauri Serve the Social Sciences? (L.K. Rees-Potter). The Construction and Use of Faceted Classification Schema in Technical Domains (C.W. Revie, G. Smart). Structuring a Flexible Faceted Thesaurus Record for Corporate Information Retrieval (M. Rockmore). Sub-Thesauri as Part of a Metathesaurus (C. Roulin). UNISIST revisited: Compatibility in the Context of Collaboratories (L.C.

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