Everywoman's guide to nutrition


Everywoman's guide to nutrition

Judith E. Brown

University of Minnesota Press, c1991


Every woman's guide to nutrition

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 333-350) and index



This is a guide for women on nutrition. Of special interest is a section of recipes developed specifically for this volume and modified to contain a low amount of fat. Other useful topics include nutrition and the prevention and management of disease throughout life; what works for weight control; nutrition and reproduction; eating disorders; nutrition and physical fitness. In addition there is a set of appendices which include recommended dietary allowance tables, a glossary, a weight/volume equivalents table, a food-borne diseases list and "shopping for a balanced diet".


  • Preface - the "healthier" sex
  • health and the US diet
  • the nutrition test
  • the inside story of nutrition
  • healthy eating - achieving the balance between what tastes good and what is good for you
  • a look at carbohydrates, proteins and fats
  • basic truths about vitamins and minerals
  • nutrition and the prevention and management of disease throughout life
  • what works for weight control
  • women sweat - nutrition, physical fitness and performance
  • nutrition and reproduction
  • when slimness is everything - eating disorders
  • diagnosing nutrition misinformation
  • recipes for good eating. Appendices: glossary
  • recommended dietary allowance tables
  • food-borne diseases
  • reliable sources of nutrition information
  • shopping for a balanced diet
  • weight-volume equivalents table.

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