Handbook of phobia therapy : rapid symptom relief in anxiety disorders


Handbook of phobia therapy : rapid symptom relief in anxiety disorders

edited by Carol Lindemann

J. Aronson, c1989

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Includes bibliographical references



The treatment of anxiety disorders encompasses a highly effective group of short-term techniques applied to specific diagnostic categories, blending innovations in pharmacology and behaviour sciences. Exploring the variety of therapeutic approaches has led to promising new ideas on the nature of anxiety and panic and cross-fertilization increases as data gathered from one approach informs and stimulates research and therapy from other approaches. The "Handbook of phobia therapy" brings together in one volume the current thinking in this evolving field.


  • Part 1 Specific anxiety disorder - diagnosing anxiety, Ira M.Lesser
  • agoraphobia, Dianne L.Chambless
  • evaluation anxieties, Aaron T.Beck
  • generalized anxiety disorder, Ronald E.Coleman and Carol A.Gantman
  • childhood phobias, Harold S.Koplewicz
  • flying phobias, Capt. T.W.Cummings
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder, Edna Foa and Gail Steketee. Part 2 Techniques: cognitive-behavioural therapy, Janet S.Klosko and David H.Barlow
  • psychoeducation, Ronald M.Rapee
  • et al
  • in vivo desensitization - anxiety coping techniques, Jerilyn Ross
  • in vivo desensitization - action and talking therapy, Arthur Hardy
  • imaginal desensitization, R.Reid Wilson
  • breathing control, Jonathan H.Weiss
  • bibliotherapy, Claire Weekes
  • marital therapy, Steven Friedman
  • systems-theory therapy, Richard Platt
  • psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Sander M.Abend
  • medication, Eric Hollander and Donald F.Klein.

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