Contemporary British women writers : texts and strategies


Contemporary British women writers : texts and strategies

edited by Robert E. Hosmer, Jr

Macmillan, 1993

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Includes bibliographies and index



Contemporary British Women Writers is a collection of ten essays, each devoted to an important novelist and written by a distinguished scholar. Included in this volume are Sybille Bedford, Anita Brookner, A.S. Byatt, Angela Carter, Isabel Colegate, Penelope Fitzgerald, Susan Hill, Molly Keane, Muriel Spark, and Fay Weldon. Each essay focuses on several novels, selected to reveal the novelist's consistent concerns and characteristic strategies. Individual bibliographies provide a full sense of the novelist's work as well as a discriminating guide to the best critical work available.


  • Notes on the Contributors - Introduction - Sybille Bedford: A Paradise of Dainty Devices
  • R.O.Evans - Paradigm and Passage: The Fiction of Anita Brookner
  • R.E.Hosmer,Jr - The Great Ventriloquist
  • A.Hulbert - The Real Magic of Angela Carter
  • R.E.Hosmer & W.Kendrick - The Strange Clarity and Distance: History, Myth and Imagination in the Novels of Isabel Colegate
  • B.T.Averitt - Magic or Miracles: The Fallen World of Penelope Fitzgerald's Novels
  • J.Sudrann - Enclosed Structures, Disclosed Lives: The Fiction of Susan Hill
  • E.H.Hofer - Sex, Snobvery and the Strategies of Molly Keane
  • C.Boylan - Muriel Spark and the Oxymoronic Vision
  • J.Hynes - See Me as Sisyphus: The Fiction of Fay Weldon
  • J.Newman - Index

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