The first Americans : search and research


The first Americans : search and research

Tom D. Dillehay, David J. Meltzer, [editors]

CRC Press, c1991

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



This volume addresses key issues involved in the process by which the first Americans made it to the New World. Key topics discussed include the cultural dynamics of human migration and adaptation, as well as the nature and status of the archaeological record of their migratory processes; the cultural and natural forces forming this record; the archaeologist's perception of data, analytical techniques, and conceptual discordances; and a reconsideration of criteria for evaluating variability in the record. The book also attempts to explicate and enlarge on the theoretical, methodological and conceptual tools employed to guide research and understand the archaeological record. This is a book for archaeologists, anthropologists, and others interested in how and why early people may have come to the Americas.


Overture: The Problem and the Papers (Tom D. Dillehay and David J. Meltzer). SECTION I: THE BACKDROP OF CONTROVERSY. On "Paradigms" and "Paradigm Bias" in Controversies Over Human Antiquity in America (David J. Meltzer). SECTION II: THE TOOLS FOR RESOLVING CONTROVERSY. The Material Record (Nicholas Toth). Frameworks for Dating the Late Pleistocene Peopling of the Americas (R.E. Taylor). Environmental Conditions for Paleoindian Immigration (Herbert E. Wright, Jr.). An Old World Perspective on Potential Mid-Wisconsinan Settlement of the Americas (Karl W. Butzer). Rockshelters and the Early Archaeological Record in the Americas (Michael B. Collins). SECTION III: MODELLING MIGRATIONS: OTHER TIMES, OTHER PLACES, OTHER PROBLEMS. The View From Europe: Concepts and Questions About Terminal Pleistocene Societies (T. Douglas Price). Colonizing Continents: Some Problems From Australia and the Americas (John M. Beaton). Disease Ecology and Initial Human Migration (Tom D. Dillehay). SECTION IV: COMMENTARY AND PROSPECTS. The Peopling of the Americas - A Discussion (Thomas F. Lynch). There is Always More We Need to Know (Lewis R. Binford). Processes and Prospects (Tom D. Dillehay and David J. Meltzer). INDEX.

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