Contemporary issues and prospects for research in anxiety disorders


Contemporary issues and prospects for research in anxiety disorders

editors, Graham D. Burrows, Sir Martin Roth, Russell Noyes Jr.

(Handbook of anxiety, v. 5)

Elsevier, 1992

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This fifth and final volume of the series aims at covering areas not so far included in the series, together with new findings, with implications for future directions in research. The first section deals with issues surrounding diagnosis, beginning with consideration of the unitary concepts of neurotic disorder, in the light of the relationship between anxiety and depressive disorders. The book also gives a balanced and clear review of the difficult subject of comorbidity of anxiety and depression.


Preface. 1. The relationship between anxiety and depressive disorders and the implications for the concept of a "General Neurotic Syndrome" (Sir M. Roth). 2. Genetics and the nature of the anxiety disorders (D. Foley and D.A. Hay). 3. New perspectives for the epidemiology of anxiety disorders (M.A. Oakley-Browne and P.R. Joyce). 4. Personality dimensions as a conceptual framework for explaining variations in normal, neurotic, and personality disordered behavior (C.R. Cloninger and D.M. Sravik). 5. The clinical course of panic disorder and agoraphobia (R.M.A. Hirschfeld). 6. The relationship between panic disorder and agoraphobia (M. Basoglu). 7. The outcome of panic disorder as influenced by illness variables and coexisting syndromes (R. Noyes, Jr). 8. Comorbidity of anxiety with depression and other disorders: do primary and secondary anxiety differ? (R.J. Kloss and O. Cameron). 9. Suicidal tendencies in panic disorder: clinical and epidemiological issues (J. Johnson, M.M. Weissman and G.L. Klerman). 10. Long term pharmacological management of panic disorder (T.R. Norman, F.K. Judd and G. D. Burrows). 11. Hazards of benzodiazepine treaments of anxiety (M. Lader). 12. Cognitive therapy for anxiety and cognitive theories of emotion (A. Wells). 13. Behavioral and/or drug therapy (I. Marks and R. Swinson). 14. The role of phobia self-help groups as an adjunct to professional treatment (J. Ross and M.W. McGarrah). 15. Taxonomy of anxiety disorders in children (W.K. Silverman). 16. Epidemiology of anxiety disorders of childhood and adolescence (J.M. Rey, J.M. Plapp and C. Wever). 17. Post traumatic stress disorder in children (S.V. McLeer). 18. Comorbidity of anxiety disorders in childhood and adolescence (R. McGee, M. Feehan and S. Williams). 19. Post traumatic stress disorder - neuronal damage from catastrophic events (F. Strian and D. Ploog). 20. Derealization, depersonalization and related perceptual disturbances in panic disorder/agoraphobia and temporal lobe epilepsy (G.B. Cassano, G. Perugi, C. Toni and M. Roth). 21. Effects of pharmacological treatments on neurotransmitter receptors in anxiety disorders (B.E. Leonard). 22. Alterations in benzodiazepine receptor function underlying panic disorder (D.M. Ball, S. Wilson, P. Glue, C. Lawson and D.J. Nutt). 23. Glycinergic ligands as novel anxiolytics (P. Skolnick). 24. GABA agonists as potential anxiolytics (G.K. Lloyd, A. Fletcher and M.C.W. Minchin).

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