States, regulation and the medical profession


States, regulation and the medical profession

Michael Moran and Bruce Wood

(Law and political change)

Open University Press, 1993

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This is a comparison of the relationship between doctors and the state in three important world health care systems - the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany. The book examines how key aspects of doctoring (including entry, pay and competition) are regulated in different countries, and explores how far the differences are due to individual national circumstances. The authors examine the historical development of regulation, the way it is presently organized, how the process works in practice, and what effects regulation has on doctors, patients and those who pay for health care. Their discussion about the regulation of doctors is also linked to the wider literature on regulation.


  • Doctors, states and health care
  • the state, professions and regulation
  • the development of regulation
  • the anatomy of regulation
  • the process of regulation
  • outcomes of regulation
  • doctors in decline?

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