The Presidential character : predicting performance in the White House


The Presidential character : predicting performance in the White House

James David Barber

Prentice-Hall, c1992

4th ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



"The Presidential Character" unifies political psychology, history, and biography to help readers understand the complex factors that influence our vote. In addition, the author includes predictions actually written and published before Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush ever served and presents an analysis of how predictions work.


I. PREDICTING PRESIDENTS. 1. Presidential Character and How to Foresee It. II. THE CONTRADICTIONS OF POWER. 2. Three Tragic Tales. 3. The Active-Negative Presidents. 4. The Origins of Presidential Compulsion. 5. Richard Nixon: Winning Tragedy. III. OF LOVE AND POLITICAL DUTY. 6. The Passive-Negative Presidents. 7. The Passive-Positive Presidents. 8. Reagan Wrecks Reality. IV. CONGRUENCE IN CHARACTER. 9. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Active-Positive Affection. 10 Harry S. Truman and Active-Positive Combat. 11. John F. Kennedy and Active-Positive Commitment. 12. The Crucial Ford Transition. V. BEYOND CHARACTER. 13. President Carter and Negotiation. 14. President Bush and Worldview. VI. THE THEORY OF PRESIDENTIAL CHARACTER. 15. Adding It Up.

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