Unrest in the Soviet Union


Unrest in the Soviet Union

Patrick Glynn, editor

(AEI special analyses, no. 89-1)

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research , Distributed by arrangement with UPA, Inc., c1989

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This book provides an inside look at the increasing turbulence within the Soviet Union - from the pro-independence protests of the Baltic popular fronts, to strikes in the mines and factories, to ethnic violence. It examines the rise of new repressive measures enacted since Gorbachev came to power. Does mounting unrest threaten the Communist regime? Or does the regime retain sufficient methods of coercible even in the age of glasnost to keep control in this more violent and apparently less stable situation? Vladimir Brovkin, of the Kennan Institute, Paul Goble, of the Department of State, Leon Aron, of the Heritage Foundation and Arch Puddington of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty address these questions.

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