Ocular differential diagnosis


Ocular differential diagnosis

Frederick Hampton Roy

Lea & Febiger, c1993

5th ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Renowned and appreciated as a useful guide for the resident and practising ophthalmologist and optometrist, this fifth edition keeps its concise and practical approach to rapid and accurate assessment of anatomic and general ocular signs and symptoms while updating and covering new topics including differential diagnostic tables. The reader can now proceed from a differential diagnosis using the author's diagnostic decision tables. They list the diagnostic possibilities and rank them against patient history, physical findings, and laboratory data. Each is graded R=rarely, S=sometimes and U=usually, and graphically illustrate the diagnostic profile. Updated and expanded to correlate more disorders and their ocular signs and symptoms, this clinical guide contains an additional listing of syndromes and diseases associated with nystagmus, strabismus, cataracts, ptosis, exopthalmos and glaucoma.

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