Clinical syndromes in adult neuropsychology : the practitioner's handbook


Clinical syndromes in adult neuropsychology : the practitioner's handbook

edited by R.F. White

Elsevier, 1992

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Includes bibliographical references and index



In the last few years, the field of neuropsychology and expertise in the disorders covered in this book have developed and evolved enormously. However, despite the publication of handbooks, textbooks, case-oriented descriptive works, and specialized publications on neuropsychology, the field has not yet produced a book in the model of a clinical handbook or manual. This publication fills the gap. Clinical Syndromes in Adult Neuropsychology is intended for both novice and experienced neuropsychologists who wish to have a reference work of this type to consult, particularly when seeing patients from an unfamiliar diagnostic category or when faced with an unusual of difficult differential diagnostic question. In addition, it is aimed at providing knowledge on clinical findings and the contribution of neuropsychological expertise to the care and manangement of neuropsychiatric patients for students in training, especially in the field of neuropsychology (graduate students, interns, postdoctoral fellows). The book is also informative to psychologists, neurologists, behavioral neurologists and psychiatrists by providing insight into the methods and diagnostic processes carried out by clinical neuropsychologists.


Introduction. 1. Neurobehavioral effects of toxic exposures (R.F. White, R.G. Feldman, S.P. Proctor). 2. Human immunodeficiency virus encephalopathy and other neuropsychological consequences of HIV infection (D.A. Gansler). 3. The neuropsychological evaluation of traumatic brain injury (P.A. Morse, C.E. Montgomery). 4. Neuropsychology of multiple sclerosis (R.F. White, D.S. Nyenhuis). 5. The neuropsychology of Huntington's disease (R.F. White, J. Vasterling, W. Koroshetz, R. Myers). 6. Neuropsychological function in Parkinson's disease (R.F. White, R. Au, R. Durso, M.B. Moss). 7. Neuropsychology of frontal lobe dementia (M.B. Moss, M.S. Albert, T.L. Kemper). 8. Neuropsychology of Alzheimer's disease (M.B. Moss, M.S. Albert). 9. Neuropsychology of temporal lobe epilepsy (M.S. Greenberg, L.J. Seidman). 10. Neuropsychology of schizophrenia (L.J. Seidman, G.P. Cassens, W.S. Kremmen, J.R. Pepple). 11. Adult presentations of learning disabilities (B.P. Rourke, J.L. Fisk). Appendix: Clinical test reference list (R.F. White, K. Lindem), Neuropsychological interview (R.F. White).

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