David d'Angers : sculptural communication in the age of romanticism


David d'Angers : sculptural communication in the age of romanticism

Jacques de Caso ; translated by Dorothy Johnson and Jacques de Caso

Princeton University Press, c1992


David d'Angers : l'avenir de la mémoire : étude sur l'art signalétique à l'époque romantique


David d'Angers

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Translation of: David d'Angers (Paris : Flammarion, 1988)

Includes bibliographical references and index. Bibliography: p261-262



In his pediment for the Pantheon, a sculptural work depicting the many citizens who advanced the revolutionary cause in France, Pierre-Jean David d'Angers (1788-1856) celebrated the heroism of the individual while perpetuating a mythology of the modern world. Reassessing the art of David d'Angers, Jacques de Caso not only presents him as a central figure of French Romanticism, but also explores his role in shaping the artistic and social directions of French sculpture during this period. The author shows how David's ardent Republicanism, which resulted from profound reflections on political, social and cultural realities as well as personal ideals, was expressed in monumental sculpted works that often created scandal and controversy.

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