Biological performance of materials : fundamentals of biocompatibility


Biological performance of materials : fundamentals of biocompatibility

Jonathan Black

Dekker, c1992

2nd ed

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The second edition of this text and reference contains: a chapter on the design and selection of biomaterials for specific applications; new data on drug release as an example of leaching, as well as the effects of surface treatment of biomaterials and surface succession of serum proteins; additional details on mechanical degradation of composite materials, and the mechanisms and kinetics of absorbable materials; recent information on the complement system and relative contributions of chemical, mechanical and electrical factors to local host response; current legal and regulatory developments, such as the Safe Medical Device Act (1990); a new section on mechanisms of metal management in vivo and on chromium metabolism; and chapters on properties of widely-used biomaterials, and on recognizing clinical symptoms referable to biomaterials.


  • Part 1 General considerations: biocompatability - definitions and issues
  • introduction to the biological environment. Part 2 Material response - function and degradation of materials in vivo: swelling and leaching
  • corrosion and dissolution
  • reactions of biological molecules with biomaterial surfaces
  • mechanics of materials - deformation and failure
  • friction and wear
  • implant materials - properties. Part 3 Host response - biological effects of implants: the inflammatory process
  • coagulation and haemolysis
  • adaptation
  • allergic foreign-body response
  • chemical and foreign-body carcinogenesis
  • mineral metabolism
  • systemic distribution and excretion
  • effects of degradation products on remote organ functions
  • diagnosis of host response. Part 4 Methods of test for biological performance: in vitro test methods
  • in vivo implant models
  • qualification of implant materials
  • standardization and regulation of implant materials
  • design and selection of implant materials.

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