The Foundation subjects and religious education in secondary schools


The Foundation subjects and religious education in secondary schools

edited by P.D. Pumfrey and G.K. Verma

(Cultural diversity and the curriculum, v. 1)

Falmer Press, 1993

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



This is the first of four volumes in a series which brings together writings of specialists in the key components of both the whole and basic curriculum. The series sets out to describe and discuss cultural diversity and the whole curriculum from a variety of perspectives and to consider how the concerns of ethnic groups can be addressed within the framework of the National Curriculum. In this volume, the issues surrounding cultural diversity in secondary schools are discussed. Part one looks at the curriculum and cultural diversity. Part two looks at religious education and each of the other ten foundation subjects in the curriculum. This book is intended for: heads of education, curriculum studies and multicultural studies departments, BEd and MEd students, PGCE students, LEA administrators and policy makers, ethnographers and special needs advisers.


  • Part 1 Towards cultural pluralism through the National Curriculum in secondary education: cultural diversity in secondary schools - its nature, extent and curricular implications, G.K. Verma
  • the whole, basic and National Curriculum in secondary schools - contexts, challenges and responses, P.D. Pumfrey. Part 2 The National Curriculum subjects: religious education - equal but different?, G. Skinner
  • English, D. Newell
  • mathematics, J.S. Williams
  • science, D. Reid
  • technology and design, G.W. Price
  • history - policy issues, P. Figueroa
  • music education - who's music? who's education?, J. Scarfe
  • geography, D. Dill
  • the arts in the climate of the ERA - a focus on art and design, H. Lashley
  • physical education - challenges and responses to cultural diversity, R. Carroll
  • modern foreign languages - the paradoxal situation of ethnic languages, A.R. Neasham
  • implications of race-relations legislation, P, Merchant.

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