Atlas of vascular surgery : basic techniques and exposures


Atlas of vascular surgery : basic techniques and exposures

Robert B. Rutherford ; illustrations by John Foerster with assistance from Tom McCracken

Saunders, c1993

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Includes index



Original, crisp and clear line drawings further delineate the techniques explored in Dr Rutherford's popular reference, "Vascular Surgery". Following sections on basic techniques and vascular exposures, the reader can review such procedures as thromboembolectomy via the femoral artery, removal of the saphenous vein for use as an arterial graft, aortobifemoral bypass for occlusive disease, and many more.


SECTION ONE BASIC VASCULAR TECHNIQUES Historical Background Instruments and Suture Material Vascular Exposure and Control Permanent Vascular interruption Hemostasis and Anticoagulation Vascular Incisions and Closures Vascular Anastomoses Removal and Preparation of Autografts Tunneling Thromboembolectomy and Other Uses of Fogarty Balloon Catheters Endarterectomy Intraoperative Arteriography SECTION TWO VASCULAR EXPOSURES Exposure of Lower Extremities Vessels Infragenicular Exposures Exposures of the Aorta and its Major Branches Expomme of the Suprarenal Aorta Alternative Exposures of Upper Abdominal Visceral Arteries Thoracoabdominal Aortic Exposures Exposure of the Aortic Arch and Brachiocephalic Vessels

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