Automated library systems : a librarian's guide and teaching manual



Automated library systems : a librarian's guide and teaching manual

Beverly K. Duval and Linda Main

(Supplements to Computers in libraries, 64)

Meckler, c1992

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Part of the "Supplements to Computers in Libraries" series, this text is a guide to automated library sytems. Amongst the areas covered are the planning process, core modules, retrospective conversion, the Online Public Access Catalogue and CD-ROM based automated library systems.


  • Part 1 Automated library systems - an overview: definitions. Part 2 Key players/leaders in the field - past and present: historical trends
  • importance of the marketplace
  • primary vendors
  • sources for further reading. Part 3 The planning process: justification for automating
  • the committee process
  • should you go with a consultant?
  • specifications
  • bidding process
  • selection of an automated library system
  • benchmarking
  • contract negotiations
  • installation
  • training
  • system activation. Part 4 Core modules: cataloguing
  • circulation
  • acquisitions
  • serials. Part 5 Retrospective conversion: background
  • what does MARC look like?
  • the advent of the microcomputer age
  • what is MicroLIF?
  • why do you need a database that works with MARC records?
  • what are the benefits of RECON with MARC II format?
  • reasons cited by libraries for doing RECON
  • why would a library not do RECON?
  • the planning process
  • develop a plan of action
  • examine and evaluate options for converting records
  • analyze the situation
  • implement the plan of action. Part 6 The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC): background and early studies
  • OPAC user studies
  • comparing competing vendor systems
  • the OPAC is a multidimensional access tool
  • training and training materials for staff and patrons
  • the OPAC and ergonomics
  • cost considerations. Part 7 Microcomputer-based automated library systems: a growing field - the advent of the microcomputer in automated library systems
  • tips, traps, and planning guidelines
  • features to be considered. Part 8 CD-ROM based automated library systems -a field in limbo: historical development
  • vendors/systems
  • the role of standards
  • system requirements
  • characteristics of CD-ROM PACs
  • librarians's perspectives
  • what are the problems to look for when purchasing a CD-ROM PAC?
  • successful vendor strategies
  • planning for the system
  • selecting and preparing for the system
  • what others have done in the field. Part 9 Trends which will continue into the future: overview
  • a look into the future
  • trends.

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