The measurement of grain boundary geometry


The measurement of grain boundary geometry

V. Randle

(Electron microscopy in materials science series)

Institute of Physics Publishing, c1993

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As the selection of material for particular engineering properties becomes increasingly important in keeping costs down, methods for evaluating material properties also become more relevant. One such method examines the geometry of grain boundaries, which reveals much about the properties of the material. Studying material properties from their geometrical measurements, The Measurement of Grain Boundary Geometry provides a framework for a specialized application of electron microscopy for metals and alloys and, by extension, for ceramics, minerals, and semiconductors. The book presents an overview of the developments in the theory of grain boundary geometry and its practical applications in material engineering. It also covers the tunneling electron microscope (TEM), experimental aspects of data collection, data processing, and examples from actual investigations. Each step of the analysis process is clearly described, from data collection through processing, analysis, representation, and display to applications. The book also includes a glossary of terms. Exploring both the experimental and analytical aspects of the subject, this practical reference guide is essential for researchers and students involved in material properties, whether in physics, materials science, metallurgy, or physical chemistry.


INTRODUCTION Significance of grain boundaries in polycrystals Grain boundary structure and "special" boundaries Development of techniques for measurement and analysis of grain boundary geometry Scope of this book THEORETICAL ASPECTS OF GRAIN BOUNDARY GEOMETRY I: GENERAL BOUNDARIES Introduction Grain boundary degrees of freedom Mathematical characterization of a misorientation Symmetry-related misorientation Tilt and twist components THEORETICAL ASPECTS OF GRAIN BOUNDARY GEOMETRY II: PERIODIC GEOMETRIES Introduction The coincidence site lattice Other models of grain boundary geometry Multiple junctions in polycrystals EXPERIMENTAL METHODS Introduction Kikuchi electron diffraction patterns Data collection in the TEM Electron back-scatter diffraction in the SEM DATA INTERPRETATION AND PROCESSING Introduction General procedure for calculating a misorientation Diffraction pattern analysis to obtain a misorientation Categorization of grain boundary geometry Calculation of the normal to the grain boundary plane DATA REPRESENTATION AND DISPLAY Introduction Stereogram-based space and "special" grain boundary probabilities Rodrigues-Frank space Euger space Misorientation imaging/mapping EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION TO MEASURE GRAIN BOUNDARY GEOMETRY Introduction Survey of grain boundary geometry investigations Comments on table 7.1 and outlook for the future References Index

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