Sequences II : methods in communication, security and computer science


Sequences II : methods in communication, security and computer science

Renato Capocelli, Alfredo De Santis, Ugo Vaccaro, editors

Springer-Verlag, c1993

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Sequences '91

Sequences 'ninety one

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Contains all papers presented at the workshop "Sequences '91: methods in Communications, Security and Computer Science," held June 17-21, 1991, in Positano, Italy

Includes bibliographical references and index



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This volume contains all papers presented at the workshop "Sequences '91: Methods in Communication, Security and Computer Science," which was held Monday, June 17, through Friday, June 21, 1991, at the Hotel Covo dei Saraceni, Positano,ltaly. The event was sponsored by the Dipartimento di Informatica ed Applicazioni of the University of Salerno and by the Dipartimento di Matematica of the University of Rome. We wish to express our warmest thanks to the members of the program Committee: Professor B. Bose, Professor S. Even, Professor Z. Galil, Professor A. Lempel, Professor J. Massey, Professor D. Perrin, and Professor J. Storer. Furthermore, Professor Luisa Gargano provided effective, ceaseless help both during the organization of the workshop and during the preparation of this vol- ume. Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all participants of the Workshop. R. M. C. A. D. S. U. V. Salerno, December 1991 Contents Preface...Vll Contributors...Xill Communication On the Enumeration of Dyadic Distributions I. F. Blake, GH. Freeman, and P. R. Stubley ...3 Detection of Skew in a Sequence of Subsets M. Blaum and J. Bruck ...12 Asymmetric Error Correcting Codes B. Bose and S. Cunningham ...24 Binary Perfect Weighted Coverings (PWC) GoO. Cohen, S. N. Litsyn, and H. F. Mattson, Jr...36 Read/Write Isolated Memory M. Cohn ...52 Polynomial-Time Construction of Linear Codes with Almost Equal Weights G. Lachaud and J. Stern ...59 Welch's Bound and Sequence Sets for Code-Division Multiple-Access Systems J. L. Massey and T. Mittelholzer ...


Communication.- On the Enumeration of Dyadic Distributions.- Detection of Skew in a Sequence of Subsets.- Asymmetric Error Correcting Codes.- Binary Perfect Weighted Coverings (PWC).- Read/Write Isolated Memory.- Polynomial-Time Construction of Linear Codes with Almost Equal Weights.- Welch's Bound and Sequence Sets for Code-Division Multiple-Access Systems.- Average-Case Interactive Communication.- Adaptive Lossless Data Compression Over a Noisy Channel.- Computer Science.- Parallel String Matching Algorithms.- Some Applications of Rabin's Fingerprinting Method.- Periodic Prefixes in Texts.- Reconstructing Sequences from Shotgun Data.- A Systematic Design and Explanation of the Atrubin Multiplier.- On the Shannon Capacity of Graph Formulae.- An Efficient Algorithm for the All Pairs Suffix-Prefix Problem.- Efficient Algorithms for Sequence Analysis.- Coding Trees as Strings for Approximate Tree Matching.- Deciding Code Related Properties by Means of Finite Transducers.- On the Derivation of Spline Bases.- Optimal Parallel Pattern Matching Through Randomization.- Approximate String-Matching and the q-gram Distance.- Universal Discrimination of Individual Sequences via Finite-State Classifiers.- Security.- Improving the Efficiency and Reliability of Digital Time-Stamping.- A Note on Secret Sharing Schemes.- Privacy of Dense Symmetric Functions.- Efficient Reduction among Oblivious Transfer Protocols Based on New Self-Intersecting Codes.- Perfect Zero-Knowledge Sharing Schemes over any Finite Abelian Group.- Some Comments on the Computation of n-th Roots in Zn.- The Varieties of Secure Distributed Computation.- Fair Games Against an All-Powerful Adversary.- An Asymptotic Coding Theorem for Authentification and Secrecy.- Automata and Combinatorics on Words.- Gray Codes and Strongly Square-Free Strings.- A New Unavoidable Regularity in Free Monoids.- The Star Height One Problem for Irreducible Automata.- Synchronizing Automata.- Author Index.

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An up-to-date view of several topics in theoretical computer science. The contributions to this volume include: methods for finding the smallest possible Markov Chain that could produce a given sequence of numbers; string matching algorithms; and techniques for designing error-correcting codes.

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