A Sylvia Pankhurst reader


A Sylvia Pankhurst reader

edited by Kathryn Dodd

Manchester University Press : Distributed exclusively in the USA and Canada by St. Martin's Press, c1993

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Bibliography of works by E. Sylvia Pankhurst: p. 239-241

Includes bibliographical references and index



Sylvia Pankhurst (1882-1960) had a remarkably active political career, and her writings mirror her activism. She was a leading figure in the Suffragette movement; a confidante of Keir Hardie; the founder of the Socialist-Feminist East London Federation of Suffragettes (later to become the Worker's Socialist Federation); a central revolutionary socialist leader who visted Lenin in post-revolutionary Russia and acted as a foreign correspondent to Gramsci's "L'Ordine Nuovo"; and from the 1930s, a tireless worker and writer against Fascism, and for pan-African solidarity (making political contacts with W.E.B. Dubois in America and African Nationalists such as Jomo Kenyatta, Wallace Johnston and T.R. Makonnen). In her substantial engagement with the complex interaction of the oppression of gender, class and race, she speaks urgently to contemporary academic and general debates about the nature of socialism and feminism. The most neglected part of her career, her broad radicalism, is emphasized in this work, which includes substantial extracts from her journalism and major books as well as previously unpublished papers.


  • Introduction - the politics of form in Sylvia Pankhurst's writing. Part 1 Women, class and politics, 1907-1916: "The Potato Pickers"
  • "The Suffragette" (extract)
  • "Our Paper - The Woman's Dreadnought"
  • "A Minimum Wage for Women"
  • "Beware the CD Acts!"
  • "How to Meet Industrial Conscription"
  • "Our Equal Birthright"
  • "Human Suffrage". Part 2 Revolutionary communism, 1917-1924: "The Lenin Revolution - What it Means to Democracy"
  • "Look to the Future"
  • "The Election"
  • "You Are Called to the War"
  • "Towards a Communist Party"
  • "A Constitution for British Soviets"
  • "Co-operative Housekeeping"
  • "Soviet Russia As I Saw It in 1920"
  • "Writ on Cold Slate" (two poems)
  • "Freedom of Discussion"
  • "To Lenin"
  • "The Truth about the Fascisti"
  • "What is Behind the Label?"
  • "Women Members of Parliament"
  • "Capitalism or Communism for Russia?". Part 3 Women and Citizenship, 1930-1935: "Save the Mothers" (extract)
  • "Women's Citizenship". Part 4: Re-making Socialist-feminism, 1931-1935 "The Life of Emmeline Pankhurst" (extract)
  • "The Suffragette Movement" (extract)
  • "The Home Front" (extract)
  • "In the Red Twilight" (extract). Part 5: Anti-fascism and Ethiopia, 1936-1953
  • "Our Policy" (on the invasion of Ethiopia by fascist Italy)
  • "Three Great Powers Betrayed Us"
  • "The Fascist World War"
  • "Our Policy" (on the democratic ideal)
  • "The Conspiracy Against World Peace"
  • fascism as it is (chapter 39 - "Women Under the Nazis")
  • Ethiopia and Eritrea
  • the last phase of the struggle, 1941-1952 (extract).

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