Sociology and the public agenda


Sociology and the public agenda

edited by William Julius Wilson

(American Sociological Association presidential series)

Sage Publications, c1993

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The editor of this volume asserts that sociology's ostrich-like stance threatens to leave the discipline in a position of irrelevance to the world at large and compromises the support of policymakers, funders, media and the public. Wilson's vision is of a sociology attuned to the public agenda, influencing public policy through both short and long-range analysis from a sociological perspective. Using a variety of policy issues, perspectives, methods and cases, the distinguished contibutors to this volume both demonstrate and emphasize Wilson's ideas.


INTRODUCTION SOCIOLOGY, SOCIAL SCIENCE, AND THE PUBLIC POLICY AGENDA Can Sociology Play a Greater Role in Shaping the National Agenda? - William Julius Wilson The Interaction of the Sociological Agenda and Public Policy - Carol H Weiss How Do Issues Get on Public Policy Agendas? - John W Kingdon The Powers and the Intellectuals - Steven Brint Benchmark Texts and Changing Conditions PART ONE: THE POLITICS OF CITIZENSHIP Migrants Into Citizens? Traditions of Nationhood and Politics of Citizenship in France and Germany - Rogers Brubaker Citizenship and Welfare - J Donald Moon Social Democratic and Liberal Perspectives `Social Citizenship', Work and Social Solidarity - Roger Lawson Historical Comparisons Between Britain and Sweden PART TWO: ORGANIZATIONS, SOCIAL MOVEMENTS, AND PUBLIC POLICY Organizations as (Secondary) Citizens - Philippe C Schmitter Networks as Political Glue - David Knoke Explaining Public Policy-Making Financial Reorganization of American Corporations in the 1980s - Neil Fligstein and Linda Markowitz The Conservative Revolution That Wasn't - Anne Wortham New Right Populism and the Preservation of New Deal Liberalism PART THREE: THE PUBLIC AGENDA: ADDRESSING HIGH PRIORITY SOCIAL PROBLEMS How Families Manage Risk and Opportunity in Dangerous Neighborhoods - Frank F Furstenberg Jr The Community Context of Violent Crime - Robert J Sampson The Politics of Homelessness - Peter H Rossi Inner-City Education - James P Comer A Theoretical and Intervention Model Mothers, Children, and Low-Wage Work - Roberta M Spalter-Roth, Heidi I Hartmann and Linda M Andrews The Ability to Earn a Family Wage PART FOUR: ISSUES FOR THE PUBLIC AGENDA The French Child Welfare System - Barbara R Bergmann An Excellent System We Could Adapt and Afford Employment as a Human Right - Philip Harvey

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