Fundamentals of digital image processing


Fundamentals of digital image processing

Anil K. Jain

(Prentice-Hall information and system sciences series)

Prentice-Hall International c1989

Prentice-Hall international ed

  • : pbk

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An overview of the major topics in digital image processing, representation, processing techniques and communication, this work starts by presenting the mathematical tools required to handle image processing problems. It then discusses the major topics to enable the reader to learn the underlying techniques and concepts. The author covers aspects of image representation including luminance, colour, spatial and temporal properties of vision and digitization, discussing image processing techniques including image enhancement, image restoration, degradation removal, image analysis, image reconstruction and data compression. Also provided is a treatment of stochastic models, useful in understanding the fundamental techniques used in image restoration and coding, and a discussion of algorithm development for image transforms, enhancement, reconstruction and image coding.


Introduction. 1. Two Dimensional Systems and Mathematical Preliminaries. 2. Image Perception. 3. Image Sampling and Quantization. 4. Image Transforms. 5. Image Representation by Stochastic Models. 6. Image Enhancement. 7. Image Filtering and Restoration. 8. Image Analysis and Computer Vision. 9. Image Reconstruction From Projections. 10. Image Data Compression.

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