Organizational power politics : tactics in organizational leadership


Organizational power politics : tactics in organizational leadership

Gilbert W. Fairholm

Praeger, 1993

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Bibliography: p. [219]-225

Includes index



Organizational Power Politics is about how individuals can achieve their objectives in organizational work groups. Office politics, or organizational politics, is a significant part of the life of everyone who works with others in formal or informal groups. These relationships are power-tinged, and success can be attained only as we use power effectively. Understanding what power is and how it can be used to gain personal or group objectives is the focus of the book. It provides readers with specific recommendations about the situations in which power use can be effective, and it identifies those tactics most effective in leading subordinates and superiors toward the achievement of our goals. This work will be of interest to scholars and practicing managers seeking information on how better to use organizational politics to attain personal and organizational goals. It provides insight into power theory, as well as a practical model for power use, strategic orientation, and operational tactics.

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