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The hero in literature

edited with an introduction by Victor Brombert

(Literature and ideas series)

Fawcett Publications, 1969

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A Fawcett premier book, P443

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Contents of Works

  • The hero, by C. M. Bowra
  • The norms of epic, by T. M. Greene
  • The matrix of heroism: Ajax, by C. H. Whitman
  • Oedipus at Colonus, by B. M. W. Knox
  • The uses of love: Chrétien's knights, by C. Moorman
  • Heroic man, by E. M. Waith
  • The pattern of a Christian hero, by J. M. Steadman
  • From the philosophy of fine art, by G. W. F. Hegel
  • Sir Walter Scott, by G. Lukács
  • Self, society, value, and the romantic hero, by F. Garber
  • The unheroic hero, by R. Giraud
  • The artist as hero, by R. P. Blackmur
  • Sartre: the intellectual as "impossible" hero, by V. Brombert
  • The modern hero: Phoenix or ashes? By E. Kern
  • The hero today, by J. Campbell

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