Molecular structures in biology


Molecular structures in biology

edited by R. Diamond ... [et al.]

(Oxford science publications)

Oxford University Press, 1993

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Molecular Structures in Biology is a unique publication that integrates text, data, and computer graphics to offer a powerful reference, research, and teaching tool in molecular biology on compact disc read only memory (CD-ROM). This printed volume provides the text of articles that appear in the first release of the electronic publication. It includes authoritative surveys by leading workers in the field on techniques used in structure determination, on modelling studies, and on specific groups of biomacromolecules. The electronic version of the text is available in the Molecular Structures in Biology software package from OUP's Electronic Publishing Department.


  • David A. Waller & Guy G. Dodson: Biological structures obtained by X-ray diffraction methods
  • Kurt Wuthrich: Biopolymers: An NMR survey
  • Joseph H.B. Pease & David E. Wemmer: NMR resonance assignments
  • Janet M. Thornton & Mark B. Swindells: Modelling of related protein structures
  • Scott F. Sneddon & Charles L. Brooks III: Protein motions: structural and functional aspects
  • Giulio Fermi: Myoglobin and haemoglobin
  • F. Scott Mathews: Electron transporters
  • Raymond C. Stevens & William N. Lipscomb: Allosteric enzymes
  • U. Derewenda & Guy G. Dodson: The structure and function of insulin and related models
  • Olga Kennard, William N. Hunter, & Madeleine H. Moore: Oligonucleotides
  • Index.

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