The Chinese economy in the early twentieth century : recent Chinese studies


The Chinese economy in the early twentieth century : recent Chinese studies

edited by Tim Wright

(Studies on the Chinese economy)

Macmillan Press , St. Martin's Press, 1992

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Includes bibliographical references and index



A translation of 12 of the most interesting and important articles which embody the new views leading Chinese historians are putting forward. This series aims to analyze issues in China's current economic development, and shed light upon that process by examining China's economic history.


  • Modern Chinese economic history in a period of change, Tim Wright
  • a brief account of the development of capitalism in China, Wu Chengming
  • the development of Chinese national capital in the 1920s, Zhang Zhongli
  • economic development in China between the two World Wars, Wang Yuru
  • symposium on the central theme of modern Chinese economic history
  • Liu Hongsheng's enterprise investment and management, Ma Bohuang
  • the "footprints" of Chinese entrepreneurs in old Shanghai, Xu Dingxin
  • the process of the disintegration of modern China's natural economy, Xu Xinwu
  • the development of capitalism in modern Chinese agriculture, Ding Changqing
  • foreign capitalism and China's traditional economy, Liu Foding
  • foreign trade and China's economic modernization, Ding Richu and Shen Zuwei
  • British capital and the management of the Kailuan coal mines, Xiong Xingmei
  • on the consequences of the 1935 currency reform, Ci Hongfei.

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