Pirates of the cell : the story of viruses from molecule to microbe


Pirates of the cell : the story of viruses from molecule to microbe

Andrew Scott

B. Blackwell, 1987

Rev., 1st pbk. ed

  • : pbk.

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Bibliography: p. [243]-253

Includes index



An introduction to the mysterious world of the virus, this award-winning book explores the simple, but potentially deadly action of these "pirates of the cell". The author explains the role of viruses in disease, our complex and marvellous defence systems, the working of vaccinations and drugs and finally our increasingly successful attempts to exploit viruses to serve our own ends. The book won the "Choice" award for outstanding academic book 1985/6, and is now published in paperback for the first time. It should be of interest to students of biological science, medical students, virologists, and general readers.


  • Discovery - the mysterious fluid
  • building blocks - of viruses, mice and men
  • structure - the virus revealed
  • multiplication - life at the limit
  • integration - the virus "lies low"
  • invasion - strategies for a gatecrasher
  • defence - the body fights back
  • damage - the virus rampant
  • disease - an infinity of courses
  • cancer - one culprit of many
  • vaccines - priming the trap
  • cures - the dawn of an era?
  • mysteries - many puzzles remain
  • exploitation - from menace to boon?

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