CO[2] laser cutting


CO[2] laser cutting

John Powell

Springer-Verlag, c1993

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 231-238) and index



CO2 Laser Cutting explains and describes how engineering materials are cut using a CO2 laser. Information is given on the cutting of metals and non metals on a wide range of levels from practical advice and processing parameters to explanations of the physical and chemical reactions which take place in the cut zone. In an effort to make the book as readable and informative as possible the subject is treated in a descriptive rather than a mathematical way. The benefit of CO2 Laser Cutting is twofold as it gives practical advice to the operator and technical advice to the researchers or scientist.


  • Basic principles
  • laser cutting steels
  • cutting non-ferrous metals
  • cutting non-metals
  • setting up for cutting
  • trouble-shooting
  • safety guidelines
  • alternative cutting methods
  • physics and design of CO2 lasers
  • some aspects of the physics and chemistry of laser cutting.

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