The effects of aging and environment on vision


    • American Aging Association Symposium on Environmental Design for Optimum Vision in the Elderly (1985 : San Francisco, Calif.)
    • Armstrong, D.
    • Marmor, Michael F.
    • Ordy, J. Mark


The effects of aging and environment on vision

edited by Donald Armstrong, Michael F. Marmor, and J. Mark Ordy

Plenum Press, c1991

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"Proceedings of an American Aging Association Symposium on Environmental Design for Optimum Vision in the Elderly, held October 11-12, 1985, in San Francisco, California"--T.p. verso

Core content comprised of conference papers, many updated; includes some new papers

Includes bibliographical references and index



This book derives from a symposium conducted in San Francisco CA, entitled "Environmental Design for Optimum Vision in the Elderly" that was sponsored by the American Aging Association, October 11-12, 1985. Presentations from this symposium comprise the core content of this volume. However, manuscripts have also been accepted from additional authors whose topics and research findings increase the scope and goals of this volume. Previously unpublished data is found in several of the chapters. In addition new data and references have been incorporated at the end of chapters in order to provide a current update of the subject. The broad aims of the papers in this volume were to examine the effects of various environmental factors, long-term occupational hazards, and toxins on basic visual functions in relation to physiological, biochemical, morphological, and pathological alterations in the eye and visual pathways, and centers of the brain. As part of the more specific aims of this volume, the editors have provided the following framework for the specific topics included in this volume: I) Epidemiology, Clinical and Psychophysical Research, II) Ophthalmological, Biochemical, Physiological and Anatomical studies, and III) Environmental Hazards.


I Epidemiology, Clinical, and Psychophysical Research.- Visual Acuity, Aging, and Environmental Interactions: A Neuroscience Perspective.- Visual Environmental Impairment Scan (V.E.I.S.).- Environmental and Lifestyle Correlates of Good Vision in An Elderly Sample.- The Effect of Aging Upon Psychophysical Receptive Field Properties.- Age-Related Differences in Iconic Memory and Visual Attention.- Diagnosis (and Diagnostic Needs) of Older Low Vision Patients.- Multidisciplinary Assessments of Visual and Psychomotor Functions Essential for Driving in the Elderly.- II Ophthalmological, Biochemical, Physiological, and Anatomical Studies.- Maturation and Aging are Associated with Decrements in Ubiquitin-Protein Conjugation Capability: Plausible Involvement of Impaired Proteolytic Capabilities in Cataract Formation.- Development and Age-Associated Changes in Extracellular Matrix of the Human Eye.- Role of Aldose Reductase and Effects of Aldose Reductase Inhibitors in Ocular Tissue Aging Phenomena in the Diabetic Rat.- Questioning the Nature of Age Pigment (Lipofuscin) in the Human Retinal Pigment Epithelium and Its Relationship to Age-Related Macular Degeneration.- The Effects of Age on Parallel Processing in the Human Optic Nerve.- Evoked Potentials and EEG Suggest CNS Inhibitory Deficits in Aging.- III Environmental Hazards.- Macular Degeneration and the Effects of Light.- Senescent Alterations in the Retina and Retinal Pigment Epithelium: Evidence for Mechanisms Based on Nutritional Studies.- The Influence of Anticholinesterase Pesticides on Visual Motor Function: A Possible Accelerator in Aging.- Environmental Toxicology and the Aging Visual System.- Contributors.

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