Entrepreneurship research : global perspectives : proceedings of the Second Annual Global Conference on Entrepreneurship Research, London, UK, 9-11 March, 1992


Entrepreneurship research : global perspectives : proceedings of the Second Annual Global Conference on Entrepreneurship Research, London, UK, 9-11 March, 1992

edited by Sue Birley, Ian C. MacMillan

(Advanced series in management, v. 19)

North-Holland, 1993

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The objective of this book is to continue the process of building a global network of young scholars familiar with, and appreciative of, other countries' approaches papers to research in the area of entrepreneurship. The papers are contributed by researchers from many different countries. In the first section of the book the papers are theoretical and very broad in scope and concept. They show that there are different ways of viewing the phenomenon of entrepreneurship. The second part comprises a set of empirical papers which describe a wide variety of entrepreneurial societies and situations.


Part 1 Conceptual frameworks: The diffusion and institutionalization of entrepreneurship education in the Eighties (J.L. Alvarez). Recycling economic resources to foster entrepreneurship and economic development in the Soviet Republics: current problems and the role of the West (A. Ardishvili et al). The nature of entrepreneurial work (W.B. Gartner, J.A. Starr. Critique (M.G. Scott, A.R. Anderson. New venture strategies and and start-up environment: Concepts, measurement, and a research agenda (J. W. Mullens, R.N. Cardozo). The integrative role of the entrepreneeur in design projects of small businesses (H.J. Pleitner, T. Lenzen). The environment for rural entrepreneurship: the commodification of the countryside (M. G. Scott, A.R. Anderson). Critique (V. Chastel). Does experience pay?: methodological issues in the study of entrepreneurial experience (J.A. Starr, W.D. Bygrave, D. Tercanli). Critique (L. Kolvereid, E. Bullvag). The impact of colonialism on the formation of an entrepreneurial society in Hong Kong (S. Tam, S. G. Redding). Some central tensions in the management of corporate venturing (S. Venkataraman et al). Critique (J.-M. Toulouse, L. Vallee). Part 2 Empirical investigations: new venture environments - the owner-manager's view (S. Birley, P. Westhead). Critique (J. Mullins, R. Cardozo). High-tech entrepreneurs: do they help or hurt US competitiveness? (R. Keeley, B. Tabrizil). Critique (H.J. Pleitner, T. Lenzen). Novices versus experienced business founders: an exploratory investigation (L. Kolvereid, E. Bullvag). Critique (B. Leleux, D.F. Muzyka). IPO long-term performance studies: some comments on attrition (B. Leleux). Technology acquisitions in emerging industries: a case study (A. Miettinen, K.-E. Relander). Cross-cultural corporate alliance: a case study with a constraint analysis (T. Ohe, S. Honjo). Critique (W. Gartner, J. Starr). The financial territory: an explanation of entrepreneurial firms' financial behaviour - an exploratory study of medium-sized firms (R. Paliard). Critique (K. Ramachandran). Subcultures and networking patterns: a comparison of entrepreneurs from two states in India (K. Ramachandran, S. Ramnarayan, P. Sunderarajan). Resource acquisition: does gender make a difference? (P.R.Reese). Critique (T.A. Ostgaard). Do international and domestic entrepreneurs differ at start-up? (S. Shane, L. Kolvereid, P. Westhead). Critique (T. Ohe, S. Honjo). Heterogeneity in core technology: variation in environment-success models across industry and strategy for new firms (T. Steam N. Carter, P.D Reynolds). Critique (P.J. Hall).

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