Nordic transputer applications : proceedings of the 1st and 2nd Nordic Transputer Seminars


Nordic transputer applications : proceedings of the 1st and 2nd Nordic Transputer Seminars

edited by Lars Annell and Martin Törngren

(Transputer and occam engineering series)

IOS Press, 1991

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The national transputer user groups in the various Nordic countries have now evolved into the Nordic Transputer User Group (NTUG). During recent years the transputer has gained increased interest in the industry in these countries. This work is a selection of articles covering transputer applications in industrial/telecom/real-time, image processing, supporting tools for parallel programme development and parallel algorithms/computations/simulations.


  • Using a graphical environment to program transputer networks, M. Aspnas and T. Langbacka
  • transputer-based image Codec, R. Rudberg et al
  • process communication in MegaSwitch, a transputer-based X.25 switch, J.K. Kjaergard
  • notes on scheduling and reactive behaviour of transputer systems, K. Leppala
  • LINCEE - a real time transputer-based data acquisition tool for testing spaceborne operating systems, J. Norly
  • addressing methods for processor farms with tree structures, J. Tingleff and O. Tingleff
  • parallel simulation of petroleum reservoirs, J. Larsen and N. Bech
  • a parallel sparse matrix solver, J. Larsen and T. Christensen
  • transputer-based approaches for the real time feature extraction of binary images, K. Rautiola et al
  • architecture-independent multicomputing via a self-distributing communications harness, P. Koikalainen and F. Sauer
  • transputer-based control unit, L. Stahle
  • experiences with some higher-level transputer programming tools, A.E. Rantala and O.P. Yli-Harja
  • running LMTO band structure program on distributed memory systems, P. Tervola and W. Yeung
  • transputer-based machine vision systems research at the University of Oulu, V. Vuohtoniemi and T. Seppanen
  • an implementation of parallel matrix inverse algorithm on a transputer array, R.K. Gianey
  • experiments with a highly parallel real time control and monitoring algorithm implemented in OCCAM, O. Caprani et al
  • the European style of high performance computing, F. Wray
  • VRTX32/T - a real time kernel for computers, T. Gargulak
  • an OCCAM model of two-phase clock driven CMOS circuits, O. Caprani and P. Moller-Nielsen.

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