Linguistic perspectives on the romance languages : selected papers from the 21st Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL XXI), Santa Barbara, California, 21-24 February 1991


Linguistic perspectives on the romance languages : selected papers from the 21st Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL XXI), Santa Barbara, California, 21-24 February 1991

edited by William J. Ashby ... [et al.]

(Amsterdam studies in the theory and history of linguistic science, Series IV . Current issues in linguistic theory ; v. 103)

J. Benjamins Pub. Co., 1993

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Includes bibliographies and indexes



This volume presents a selection of the best papers from the 1991 Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages, held in Santa Barbara. In addition, the volume contains revised versions of three of the keynote papers. A welcome aspect of this collection, reflective of the conference itself, is the recurrent incorporation of historical and social factors into explanations of linguistic form.


  • 1. Acknowledgments
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3. Summaries of Part one: keynote addresses
  • 4. Summaries of Part two: phonology and morphology
  • 5. Summaries of part three: syntax, discourse and semantics
  • 6. I. Keynote addresses
  • 7. The centers of gravity in nineteenth-century Romance linguistics (by Malkiel, Yakov)
  • 8. On the permeability of grammars: Evidence from Spanish and English contact (by Silva-Corvalan, Carmen)
  • 9. Operateurs argumentatifs et analyse de textes (by Ducrot, Oswald)
  • 10. II. Phonology and morphology
  • 11. Palatalization processes in the history of Romance languages: a theoretical study (by Calabrese, Andrea)
  • 12. The PA effect of coronals on vowels in Romance (by Prieto, Pilar)
  • 13. Moriac theory and French liaison (by Tranel, Bernard)
  • 14. French rhythm and French segments (by Mazzola, Michael L.)
  • 15. Sociophonological aspects of montreal French liaison (by De Jong, Daan)
  • 16. Closed communities and nasal enhancement in northern Italy (by Tuttle, Edward F.)
  • 17. The phonology of enclisis and preclisis in Gallo-Romance and old French (by Jacobs, Haike)
  • 18. On the evolution of Latin verbal inflection into Romance: Change in parameter setting? (by Klausenburger, Jurgen)
  • 19. III. Syntax, discourse and semantics
  • 20. More evidence for verbal agreement-marking in colloquial French (by Auger, Julie)
  • 21. Spec of IP and Spec of CP in Spanish Wh-questions (by Goodall, Grant)
  • 22. Full NPs in spoken Spanish: a discourse profile (by Bentivoglio, Paola)
  • 23. The distribution of pronouns and Null elements in object position in Brazilian Portuguese (by Kato, Mary Aizawa)
  • 24. A postfunctionalist perspective on French psych unaccusatives (by Herschensohn, Julia)
  • 25. A new look at Parasitis Gaps (by Garcia Mayo, Maria del Pilar)
  • 26. From old French to modern French: the evolution of the inflectional system (by Champagne, Mariette)
  • 27. On the semantic structure of the French subjunctive (by Winters, Margaret E.)
  • 28. Multiple clitic linearization principles (by Wanner, Dieter)
  • 29. On the extraction from NPs in Spanish (by Martin, Juan)
  • 30. Negative fronting in Romance: movement to SIGMA (by Laka, Itziar)
  • 31. Catalan as VOS: evidence from information packaging (by Vallduvi, Enric)
  • 32. The introduction of new referents in French and Spanish discourse: one constraint, two strategies (by Ocampo, Francisco)
  • 33. The role of syntax in tracing the development of Old Spanish (by Blake, Robert J.)
  • 34. Complex monolingualism in Early Romance (by Wright, Roger)
  • 35. Index of names
  • 36. Index of subjects

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