The preschool resource guide : educating and entertaining children aged two through five


    • Friedes, Harriet


The preschool resource guide : educating and entertaining children aged two through five

Harriet Friedes ; introduction by Beatrice Teitel

Plenum Press, c1993

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"Insight books."

Includes bibliographical references and index



How can you find books and magazines that nurture a child's love of reading? Safe and long-lasting toys that inspire the imagination? Audiotapes of superior musical quality? Computer software that is appealing and age-appropriate? Videotapes of educational value? The Preschool Resource Guide is an extraordinary resource for parents, educators, and caregivers who need to locate quality educational items for young children. With her invaluable experience in working closely with children and their families, Harriet Friedes, M.A., has been able to gather materials that, in age-appropriate fashion, educate and entertain, give the most value for the money, and engage a child's active intellectual capacities. With selection criteria based on endorsements from professional associations, members of the media, educators, and parents, this book is carefully designed to feature the following: the best, brand-specific books, magazines, toys and games, computer software, audiotapes, and videotapes relevant insights on behavioural development a helpful checklist of skills for kindergarten readiness an extensive array of free and inexpensive materials to promote creativity and an annotated listing of parenting literature and support groups devoted to preschool issues. The Preschool Resource Guide is an especially well timed publication in light of today's trend for children to begin school at earlier ages, the increased emphasis on preschool education, and the expensive products of dubious value pitched to the consumer. As a cost-conscious alternative to this approach, Ms. Friedes has conveniently designed individual chapters as self-contained units that feature prime preschool materials and vital information needed to enhance an appreciation and enjoyment of learning between child and parent. This engaging, comprehensive book will be referred to repeatedly by parents and other family members, teachers and administrators of early childhood education, nursery and kindergarte


* Introduction * Prologue: The Preschool Child, guidelines and suggestions * I The Best Resources for Preschool Children * Audio Recordings for listening, singing, moving, and learning * Books preschoolers love * Book Clubs that bring literature right to the mailbox * Computer Software for fun, growth, and computer literacy * Magazines that instill good reading habits * Toys and Games geared to the interests and abilities of young children * Videocassettes that entertain and educate * II The Best Resources for Adults * Books with the latest thinking on child care and development * Magazines, Journals, and Newsletters that present help and advice on child rearing * Professional Associations that offer information, services, and support * Free or Inexpensive Materials for the asking * Epilogue: Kindergarten Readiness, skills for a good start * Appendix: Toy Safety * Notes * References * About the Author * Index

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