Techniques in clinical nursing


Techniques in clinical nursing

Barbara Kozier ... [et al.]

Addison-Wesley Nursing, c1993

4th ed

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Rev. ed. of: Techniques in clinical nursing / Barbara Kozier, Glenora Erb. 3rd ed. c1989

Includes bibliographical references and index



This text is intended for students in nursing fundamentals courses, new graduates, or as a reference for practicing nurses in hospitals and health care settings. Techniques in Clinical Nursing reflects the needs of today's diverse student population. This text provides the most complete preparation for the clinical challenges students will encounter in the workplace. This comprehensive text offers nearly 250 techniques in a step-by-step format. For each technique, a rationale is provided for the critical steps. In addition, several learning tools foster assessment skills and encourage critical thinking. It is also useful for those involved in caring for clients in the home.


1. Introduction to Nursing. 2. Nursing Process and Critical Thinking. 3. Recording and Reporting. 4. Helping and Communicating. 5. Teaching. 6. Client Comfort and Safety. 7. Admissions. 8. Transfer, Discharge, and Postmortem Care. 9. Preventing the Transfer of Microorganisms. 10. Vital Signs. 11. Assessing Adult Health. 12. Assessing Infant and Child Health. 13. Assessing Maternal Health During the Perinatal Period. 14. Special Studies. 15. Skin Hygiene. 16. Mouth, Eye, and Ear Care. 17. Hair, Nail, and Foot Care. 18. Bed Making. 19. Body Mechanics and Moving Clients. 20. Client Positions. 21. Exercise and Ambulation. 22. Nutrition. 23. Gastric and Jejunal Feedings. 24. Fluids and Electrolytes. 25. Intravenous Therapy. 26. Central Venous Lines. 27. Fecal Elimination. 28. Urinary Elimination. 29. Ostomy Care. 30. Respiratory Assistive Devices and Postural Drainage. 31. Oral Pharyngeal and Nasal Pharyngeal Suctioning. 32. Oxygen Therapy. 33. Artificial Airways. 34. Chest Drainage. 35. Oral and Topical Medications. 36. Parenteral Medications. 37. Stress Management. 38. Pain Management. 39. Wound Care. 40. Bandages and Binders. 41. Heat and Cold Therapy. 42. Perioperative Nursing. 43. Cast Care. 44. Traction Care. 45. Therapeutic Beds.

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