Dream analysis : a practical handbook for psycho-analysts


Dream analysis : a practical handbook for psycho-analysts

by Ella Freeman Sharpe ; with an introduction by M. Masud R. Khan

Maresfield Library, 1988, c1978


Dream analysis

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Originally published, 1937, new ed. published, 1978 and reprint ed. published, 1988

"Reprinted 1988 with the permission of Hogarth Press Ltd by H. Karnac (Books) Ltd"

Includes bibliography and index



Written originally as a practical handbook on dream analysis, this book has established itself as a work of lasting value not only to psychoanalysts engaged in therapy, for whom it is primarily intended, but also to students and general readers interested in psychological research.In his introduction to this edition of Dream Analysis, Masud Khan concludes: "I know of few books that comprehend Freud's message with such clarity and acumen as Ella Sharpe's". In it she illustrates the various mechanisms of the dream as formulated by Freud, and examines in detail many different types of dream. She uses this examination to show what contribution dream analysis makes to the understanding of psychical problems.


Introduction -- A Note to Readers -- The Dream as a Typical and Individual Psychical Product -- Mechanisms of Dream Formation -- Evaluation of Dreams in Psycho-Analytic Practice -- Illustrations of Different Types of Dreams -- Analysis of a Single Dream -- Problems in Dream Analysis -- Illustrations of Dreams Occurring During Psychical and Physical Crises -- Psychical Readjustments Indicated in Dreams -- "Analysed" Persons and Their Dreams -- A "Last" Dream -- Appendix

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