The age of migration : international population movements in the modern world


The age of migration : international population movements in the modern world

Stephen Castles and Mark J. Miller

Macmillan Press, 1993

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'[T]he best analysis yet published of the migration era that started in the mid-1980s...Castles and Miller argue convincingly that migration cannot be analysed as an isolated phenomenon - as many migration scholars tend to do - but as one facet of global change and development.' R.King, Progress in Human Geography In the 1980s and 1990s growing numbers of people have migrated as workers, settlers or refugees. Millions move from poor to rich countries, but also within underdeveloped regions or between industrialised countries. Migration is changing the economies, societies and cultures of many countries - often in unpredictable ways. The Age of Migration analyses current population movements on a global level. It discusses the historical role of migration and its contemporary causes. The book shows how different countries are responding to the challenge of growing ethnic diversity, and discusses why some models lead to crisis and conflict, while others are conducive to dynamic growth and cultural innovation.


Introduction - The Migratory Process and the Formation of Ethnic Minorities - International Migration Before 1945 - Migration to Highly-Developed Countries Since 1945 - The Migratory Process: A Comparison of Australia and Germany - The Next Waves: The Globalisation of International Migration - Migrants and Minorities in the Labour Force - New Ethnic Minorities and Society - Immigrant Politics - Conclusion: Migrants in the New World Order

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