Ausonius of Bordeaux : genesis of a Gallic aristocracy


Ausonius of Bordeaux : genesis of a Gallic aristocracy

Hagith Sivan

Routledge, 1993

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Bibliography: p. 220-235

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In the burgeoning field of late classical antiquity the authors of late Roman Gaul have served as a mine of information regarding the historical, cultural, political, social and religious developments of the western empire, and of Gaul in particular. Ausonius is outstanding among these authors for the extraordinary range of material which his writings illuminate. His family exemplifies the rise of provincial upper-classes in Aquitania through talent, ambition and opportunism. Fusing historical method with archaeological, artistic and literary evidence, Hagith Sivan interprets the political message of Ausonius' work and conveys the material reality of his lifestyle.


List of Maps List of Genealogical Tables List of Abbreviations 1. Introduction 2. The Emergence of Late Roman Gallic Aristocracy Part I. Bordeaux: Municipal Aristocracy and Urban Economics 3. The City 4. Gens ausoniana 5. Schools and Scholars Part II. Trier: Seat of an Empire 6. The Court of Valentinian 7. The Court of Gratian 8. Conclusion Appendix Concordance Bibliography Index

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