The constant flux : a study of class mobility in industrial societies


The constant flux : a study of class mobility in industrial societies

Robert Erikson and John H. Goldthorpe

Clarendon Press , Oxford University Press, c1993

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Includes bibliography (p. [399]-422) and indexes of names and subjects



This is a study of social mobility within the developing class structures of modern industrial societies based on a unique data-set constructed by John Goldthorpe and Robert Erikson. The focus is on the experience of European nations - western and eastern - in the period of the `long boom' following the Second World War; but the book also devotes separate chapters to examining the experience of the USA, Australia, and Japan. The authors combine historical and statistical approaches in their analysis of both trends in mobility and of cross-national similarities and differences. They show that wide variation at the level of actually observed mobility coexists with a surprising degree of constancy and commonality in underlying patterns of social fluidity. The empirical results of their study serve as the basis for a critical re-examination of current theories of mobility and for raising more general issues of the proper concerns and methods of comparative macro-sociology. This book is intended for teachers and postgraduates in sociology, social and economic history, social stratification, and the sociology of industrial societies.

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